Comparative Genomics

Group Leader:


1997-2001 Junior researcher at the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry department at the Universitat de València (

2001-2005 PhD in Bioinformatics, at CMBI ( and NCMLS ( centres at Nijmegen University (The Netherlands) ( 

2005-2007 EMBO ( Postdoctoral fellow at the Bioinformatics Department at CIPF (Valencia). ( 

2007-2008 FIS contracted researcher at the Bioinformatics Department at CIPF (Valencia). (  

Since Sept 2008 Junior Group Leader in the Bioinformatics and Genomics Programme, at the CRG (Barcelona) (

Since 2013 ICREA Research Professor


Our research interests are focused around the use of comparative genomics and phylogenomics to study the origin, evolution and function of complex biological systems. This includes understanding how specific biochemical pathways, protein complexes or cellular organelles emerged and evolved as well as using this evolutionary information to gain insight into their function.

Through collaborations with experimental groups we apply comparative genomics to discover new mechanisms and genes involved in interesting processes, especially those of clinical relevance (see lines of research). On the technical side, our work often involves the development of new bioinformatics tools and algorithms that we make available to the community. 

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